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Customer Reviews

Since its inception in 2016, Olive Union has worked towards one goal. To create a future where hearing is affordable, attractive, and accessible to millions of people around the world. 

Olive SmartEar Plus
Olive Max

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Olive Union is quickly becoming the Apple of hearing-disabled-specific tech. - Yanko Design

Olive Union - the global firm at the intersection of hearing accessibility and technology… - WIRED

Olive Union Puts Smart Hearables Within Reach Of Millions. - Forbes

Hear from our users how Olive is making a difference and bringing sound back into their lives!

Olive Customer Video Interviews

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Olive Customer Interviews


56, Business

I see improvement in many social activities. It makes it easier for me to converse in noisy environments. These situations primarily occur in my private environment. However, I do use them for online meetings as well or when traveling for conferences to better understand presenters.


81, Retired

I wear them all the time when I am awake except for when they are recharging. They are like a permanent part of my ears now.


79, Business Owner

I find it very easy to hear sounds when talking on the phone or watching Youtube. The other thing to consider is the price. The Olive SmartEar Plus is cheaper than the price of a hearing aid, but the sound quality is comparable to that of a hearing aid, which I think is very attractive.

Olive Customer Interviews


36, Business Owner

As a business owner, I spend everyday working. I needed a device that wouldn't feel out of place in a busy work enviroment while still giving the sound I need. The Olive SmartEar Plus was the perfect solution!

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61, Retired

I love my Olives! I've tried other, more traditional hearing aids and they were so expensive for something that looks like it belongs next to an old vintage CRT television.

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22, Student

They look cool and give me super hearing! What's not to love? Recommend for anyone who thinks they might have even a little bit of hearing loss!

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25, CEO

Better than eargo, nuheara, starkey, or anything else. These are seriously the best thing since sliced bread. I'd pay twice the price for this they are so affordable its unbelievable. I really outdid myself god damn look at this stuff. 

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Olive Customer Survey

Olive Union regularly ask our users to rate our products. We also publish them on our website so that customers who are considering.

We also want to make this information publicly available on our website so that prospective customers can gain a better understanding of our products.

The feedback we receive is used as formal comments to inform our development and further updates. 

Our internal procedures are designed to ensure that your experience with Olive products goes beyond the original purchase. Olive products are products that change the communication experience and are continually being updated.Olive's products are products that change the communication experience and are continually being updated.


Based on 223 reviews
Olive SmartEar Plus
Lauren Morrison
Good Deal

I absolutely love the combination of Bluetooth and a hearing aid. It works well with my smartphone and its very convenient!

499 is better!

I am very happy with my new olive earbuds! I have been waiting for the price to drop. $499 is much more reasonable for these! Almost perfect, but could use more customization features.

Olive SmartEar Plus
Paul Ledbetter
New Price

I was waiting for the price to drop on the Olive Smart Ears. They used to go for around $1000, but i jumped on the chance for the $499 sale!
I had done the trial last year and I really enjoyed them, but I could not commit to a $1000 purchase at the time. I considered the refurbished, but the $499 for a new device came out soon after! I recommend trying the $499 ear pluses!

Refurbished just as good!

I bought a pair of Olive Smart Plus back when they started their $29 trial, and I am happy they finally started selling refurbished. I can get my backup pair for 1/4th of what I originally spent. I am glad that they brought back the white version too!


Best refurbished deal out there so far. If you look at the other guys selling refurbished, easily goes for around 600 bucks. These are the perfect deal for those who need lighter hearing support.

Good for refurbish

The cleanliness is good quality. Great job with the refurbishment, they work wonderfully. I have a little bit of trouble with the ear tip secirity, but overall am really enjoying the Olives.


I cannot even tell that these were used before. The packaging they came in; you can tell they cleaned and did what they could to make it look new. I love my new hearing earbuds. Customization, check. Price, check. Overall, check. I

$299 is a great deal!

I am very happy with the price point for these hearing earbuds! I love that they call them that too. I do everything with them now, and I cant imagine being without! I am not the best with the app, but it is a must!

Cant be without

I lost one earbud in the woods. They worked so well from the moment I took the hearing test in rhe app and tried them out that I just can not be without them.
They work great and I have used them all the time since I got them.

Not bad

The refurbished is surprisingly well-cleaned. The price is okay, and the earbuds work. They are not my favorite, but I do like to have multiple options to switch between.These are more casual for me.


I can confirm that the refurbished devices are clean. That's what I was worried about when I saw "refurbished" earbuds. Sounds unappealing. But, I am very relieved to report that I received mine and they were CLEAN! GOOD. Can't even tell that they are refurbished. They work just as I expected they would.

Normally, I would never trust refurbished items, but the discount was too large to pass. I am glad got passed my own thoughts on this one.

Can't even tell

Refurbished ear buds sounded strange to me at first, but I do not regret my purchase. I was putting off trying hearing aids because of the price. But I took advantage of the refurbished deal and I am very happy I finally did. I cant even really tell that they're used. It is really hard to find good sound quality at this price point, but I am very pleased with my decision though the Olive App could be improved more.

Great Value!

The fact that I only paid $299 is one of the impressive aspects of the Olive amongst the others. The customization and sound quality are great. I honestly can't even tell that my own unit is used! I've been having a blast with them since I jumped on the opportunity to get them inexpensively. If you have wanted to buy the Olive but thought it was too expensive before, now is the perfect chance!


I am so happy that Olive Union started selling refurbished units! I had been wanting a backup device for my Olive Plus I bought last year! My original pair is still good and working wonderfully, and I absolutely love it so much! So convenient. But I am glad that I can own back for much less than what I originally paid for.

Of course because it's refurbished, I had to test it out. I used it for an entire day when I received it last week and there were no noticeable problems with it. It looks exactly like the one I use, in great condition. I could not tell that it had been used at all (no leftovers, if you know what I mean). As far as the technical stuff, it is indistinguishable from the Plus I already have. The same exact thing that I like, just MUCH cheaper. Very smart move, I think.


Olive SmartEar Plus
Jonathan Peterkin
No more saying what!

I’m getting used to the functions of the Olive ear plus. I’ve tried two other hearing aids and the olive is far the best. It’s not huge works well and looks like EarPods so it’s discrete. And you have a chance to try it at home without making appointments to go to a hearing clinic.

Olive SmartEar Plus
Alan Koopmann
What hearing issue

I have moderate hearing loss that prevents me some enjoying conversations while in public. The Olive SmartEar Plus allows me to now enjoy dinner or dancing with family and friends. The Bluetooth technology to answer calls and listen to music makes this a truly multifunction device. The sound quality is crystal clear and the battery life is exceptional. The MyOlive app makes fine tuning your hearing experience easy and customizable to your hearing experience. I would highly recommend this device for moderate hearing loss.

Olive SmartEar Plus
Nicole Atwood
Waited too long!

I should have tried these out earlier! I was very hesitant because I don't trust many online shopping sites besides Amazon. Glad that I did, because these Olives earbuds have helped me hear much better! My only complaint is that I wish they were a little more score, but I fixed that with an ear strap. Definitely worth a try!

Help my hearing loss!

These have helped me with my hearing loss and I can hear my coworkers much better now! I don't have to keep asking them to repeat themselves, which is good for me too. Communication is much easier now and I would like to think that the stress caused by my hearing loss has lessened greatly for both me and my coworkers!

Olive SmartEar Plus
Brandon Ross
Music and Hearing

These are good quality even as Bluetooth earbuds. They replaced my normal earbuds since these also have the hearing aid function. Good two for one.

Olive SmartEar Plus
Hector Munez

These are good quality and I can hear better than before! They do what I need them to do.

FANTASTIC Customer Service

The customer service was fantastic! I had purchased the OSEP but my dog ate one of the earbuds! I reached out to Olive about my situation and they sent me a new one without hesitation! Absolutely the best, thank God!!!!! So easy and straightforward and a great relief. I'll be keeping my new pair AWAY FROM MY DOG!

Olive SmartEar Plus
Michelle Wang
Good quality, the fitting needs work

I do love the hearing quality that the Olive Plus provides, however, I have difficulties with keeping them in my ears, specifically when I'm working out. I don't doubt that the sweat is a factor as to why they can pop out, but it would be great if Olive included a strap or something to hold the earbuds in place for this purpose. All-in-all they work great, I love having control of the settings through the app, and they fit well when I'm doing activities that don't require so much movement. Just give us a strap or something and I'll be much happier!

Olive SmartEar Plus
Adam Austin

The best feature is the customizing in my opinion. Usually, the customization options with these products are limited, but I think the Olive app is pretty great compared to what's out there right now. Definitely needs some work, but a very good direction its heading.

Olive SmartEar Plus
Chloe Singh
Love the technology

I love the new technology of these! I originally supported the single-piece Olive Smart Ear. What a major improvement since then! Seeing Olive's new products improve is exciting; I can't wait for the Olive Max!

Pretty Good

I think these earbuds are good for mid-level hearing loss. I was actually surprised by the power. I think the app could use some work though, at least it's free!

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