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Our Story

Hearing For All

Chances are, you most likely know someone with hearing loss. Around 14%, or more than 1 in 10 people in the United States have hearing loss. And yet, only 16% of people with hearing loss have used a hearing aid before.

At Olive Union, we aim to change that number. Combining cutting-edge technology, intuitive controls, sleek design, and an affordable price, we aim to remove existing barriers and enable people to give their ears the care and attention they deserve.

Together, let’s enjoy hearing again.

From Olive Seed to Olive Union

In 2013, Olive Union’s CEO, Owen Song, assisted his uncle in getting a hearing aid. After only 3 days his Uncle had given up on them completely. He complained they were uncomfortable, embarrassingly ugly, and they weren’t helping him hear better in his daily life.

As an engineer, Owen dismantled his Uncle's hearing aids out of curiosity and was shocked at the rudimentary and crude technology he found inside these uninspiring yet expensive pieces of tech. Determined to do better, Owen began work on his own design.

Throughout the 9,231 hardware designs and 822 working prototypes devised, there was one consistent design criteria.

"Never compromise"

With this feeling in mind, he worked tirelessly to create an effective, affordable, and high quality hearing device. Thus, the Olive Smart Ear was born.

Thanks to over 7,000 contributors around the world, the Olive Smart Ear raised over 1 Million USD dollars and became a massive crowdfunding hit.

From the seeds of this success Olive Union was born, and with it our goal and brand. 

The Olive Brand

The Olive Tree is one of history's most well known and revered trees. Representing peace, friendship, wisdom, health, and luck, we aim to give it another meaning.

Olive Union’s “Olive” is a symbol of hope. We wish to become “hope” to millions of people who are unsatisfied or not covered by current hearing aid options.

Although we currently operate in the United States, Japan, and South Korea, the true goal of Olive Union has always been bigger. We desire to change the hearing market and revolutionize hearing on a global scale. 

Beating The Stigma

For many, the stigma attached to wearing hearing aids is as much of a deterrent as the price. Often thought as a sign of age and frailty, Olive Union wants to change that.

Glasses are already individualized, stylish, and bold hearables; why not hearing aids? With this thought in mind, Olive Union looks to re-design the hearing aid and overcome the stigma attached to hearing loss and hearing aids. 

To a New Future

To create a future where hearing is affordable, attractive, and accessible to millions of people around the world. To introduce and bring hearing back into the lives of those who need it the most. To make hearing aids as ubiquitous and accepted as glasses and other wearables.

This is Olive Union’s goal. This is our passion. Together, let’s create that future.