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Hearing Loss & Mental Health: The Surprising Connection

Hearing loss is an aspect of health that often flies under the radar but holds great significance. It's not just about hearing; it's about how it impacts our overall well-being. Let's explore the connections between hearing loss and our general health, shedding light on why our ears play a vital role in our overall wellness.

Hearing Aids & Dementia: An Effective Prevention Method

Hearing problems, if left unattended for prolonged periods, can contribute to various associated risks. Recent studies have revealed that dementia may be closely related to hearing loss. When it comes to conditions like dementia, prevention can be challenging for many.

Luckily, studies have shown that addressing hearing issues can significantly impact overall well-being and act as a possible preventive measure against dementia.

   Taking corrective measures early to preserve and improve your hearing can play a pivotal role in enhancing your quality of life!

How Olive Union Can Help Make a Difference

As we discussed above, taking measures now to address hearing loss can be one measure of prevention against dementia. 

Hearing loss is not something that can be helped with a bandaid fix, however! Hearing varies from person to person and depends on a number of different factors such as age, gender, the type of sound, and the environment. There is no one set-up that will be right for everyone! 

Luckily, hearing aids of today are designed with this in mind. Many modern hearing aids come with personalizable hearing settings and hearing tests designed to make sure your setup is always up to date.

The Olive Smart Ear Plus is one such device that allows for a personalized hearing experience. Take the free Hearing Test from the My Olive App to get personalized hearing settings tailored for your ears. Fine-tune the results further with the fully customizable Hearing Equalizer and 4 distinct Hearing Modes.

The Hottest Hearing Device in Japan

The Olive SmartEar Plus is a next-generation hearing device that has made headlines in Japan and is quickly gaining popularity. Yusaku Maezawa, Japan's famous space-faring entrepreneur, is a big supporter of Olive and has high hopes for the innovation and care it can bring to millions in Japan.

With one of the largest populations of senior-aged citizens in the world, Japan has begun seriously tackling the health and well-being of its aging population. The Olive SmartEar Plus's ease of use, modern design, hearing health features, and improved hearing have been a big hit with Japanese seniors, who enjoy one of the world's longest life expectancies.

Hear directly from Takeshi, a 79 Business Owner who, thanks to the Olive SmartEar Plus, continues to run his business without issue thanks to the Olive SmartEar Plus.