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Hearing Health & Technologies Matters

January 5, 2020

An article about Olive Union was published “Hearing Health & Technology Matters!” on Jan 5, 2020.


Olive Union unveiled Olive Smart Ear at CES in Las Vegas this week. According to the company’s press release, the patented hearing amplification technology in Olive Smart Ear’s pre-set modes “instantly adjust to various listening environments”. The rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of talk time and up to 10 days of standby time and recharges in a sleek, portable charging case.

When paired to your smartphone with Bluetooth, the Olive Smart Ear amplifies your phone conversations.

There’s no need for a time-consuming fitting; simply complete a five-minute hearing test on your smartphone using Olive’s free app. It automatically optimizes audio frequencies while canceling background noise and feedback and is customized to your own hearing.

“We’re removing barriers for people to improve their hearing, one ear at a time. With the Olive Smart Ear, we’ve combined cutting-edge technology, modern design, an intuitive user experience and an affordable price. We want people to wear these proudly, the way many already improve their sight with fashionable eyeglasses.”

–Owen Song, Olive Union Founder, CEO

The Olive Smart Ear will be available in white or black for $249 for a single earbud with a portable charging case.

About Olive Union

Founded by CEO Owen Song, the mission of Olive Union is to remove the stigma associated with impaired hearing with well-designed, functional, affordable wearables. Olive Union launched its first product in January 2020, the Olive Smart Ear, an affordable, wireless, single-ear hearing amplifier. 

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