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Why Olive Union?

Why Olive Union?

Why should you choose Olive Union's products among many hearing aids?

Around the world, and especially in the United States, numerous individuals are already experiencing symptoms of hearing loss. However, in many cases, this is not severe hearing loss but rather mild to moderate. On average in the United States, it takes 7 to 10 years from the onset of hearing loss for individuals to start managing it.

Therefore, Olive Union aims to bridge this gap and dreams of a world where everyone can manage their hearing without any burden.
That's why we offer top-quality devices at a reasonable price, cutting out the middle margin.



How Many People Experience Hearing Loss?

statistics of hearing loss in us
There are 70 millions people with complete hearing loss in the world and 18% of people in the United States aged 12 years or older has hearing loss, based on National Center For Health's Statistics. (National Center For Health's Statistics 2017) (Gorman, Adele M. 2017)

What are the prevalence rates of hearing loss severity?

And what type of hearing aid is suitable for my level of hearing loss?

Distribution of hearing loss severity in global

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2021 World Report on Hearing, out of the 548 million people worldwide with hearing loss, 381.3 million have mild to moderate hearing loss. Ultimately, about 70% of the total hearing loss population experiences mild to moderate hearing loss. (WHO Hearing Report 2021)

While even mild to moderate hearing loss can cause inconvenience in daily life, those experiencing this level of hearing loss can derive great satisfaction from wearing hearing aids.

Especially for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, they have the option to choose over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids in addition to prescription-based ones.
OTC hearing aids, a new type of hearing aid approved for sale by the FDA in October 2022, allow many people to more easily manage their hearing health.

This is because the onset of hearing management is significantly delayed for various reasons.


How long is the average delay until the first use of hearing aids?

Average delay between prevalence of hearing loss and using hearing aids for the first time

According to a study by Annie N. Simpson, Lois J. Matthews, Christy Cassarly, and Judy R. Dubno in 2019, 


There is an average delay in adopting hearing aids following hearing-aid candidacy was 8.9 years.


While not wearing a hearing aid will not worsen your hearing thresholds on an audiogram, it will affect your ability to process speech.

When you continue to not hear sounds without wearing a hearing aid, your brain gradually loses its ability to categorize speech into language. (Leire Lodeiro-Fernández, Laura Lorenzo-López et al 2015)

Difficulty in hearing is also related to cognitive aspects of the brain; when there is a decrease in auditory stimulation to the brain, particularly in areas responsible for language processing, its functions decline. This ultimately increases the likelihood of developing dementia. (NIH 2023)

Moreover, not being able to hear makes conversations with people difficult, reducing interpersonal interactions and potentially leading to depression in severe cases. (Chuan-Ming Li, Xinzhi Zhang et al 2015)

So, why do people delay or hesitate to wear hearing aids?



Why do people delay or hesitate to wear hearing aids?

Table of reasons why people hesitate to wear hearing aids


a doctor is looking into patient's ear

The biggest reason people are hesitant to use hearing aids is undoubtedly the cost. (NCOA 2023)

According to statistics, conventional hearing aids requiring a prescription typically cost an average of $2500. (Anna Marie Jilla Carole E Johnson Nick Huntington-Klein 2020) 

Additionally, apart from the device itself, considerations must be made for initial fitting costs, hearing tests, and subsequent adjustment expenses. (Sidecar Health Care Calculator 2024)

For individuals experiencing less severe forms of hearing loss, such as mild to moderate, it's understandably daunting to invest thousands of dollars upfront, which is why wearing hearing aids often doesn't occur until hearing loss reaches a more advanced stage.


Secondly, discomfort in wearing is another significant factor deterring people from using hearing aids. Following that, concerns about the appearance of the device and inadequate functionalities are often cited.

In summary, conventional hearing aids present various barriers, including price, comfort, design, and features, not only for those initially seeking to manage their hearing but even for those who have tried other hearing aids before.



Why Olive Union? 
- To enable everyone to manage their hearing without barriers.

why you should choose oliveunion
why you should choose olive union

Therefore, Olive Union aims to create hearing aids that are free from these barriers and can be used without hesitation. Olive Union's hearing aids offer customers more reasonable pricing and better quality by reducing the significant cause of high prices in hearing aids - the markup.

Furthermore, while being hearing aids, Olive Union's devices boast comfortable wear and stylish designs, deviating from the typical perception of hearing aids.

Olive Union's products provide a plethora of features, allowing users to adjust many aspects themselves. In addition to volume control, they offer AI presets, EQ adjustments, situational listening modes, and more, all designed to cater to the user's experience.

Olive Union's products guarantee quality that has already been recognized by many customers.

Designed to be easily used even by those trying hearing aids for the first time, Olive Union's products are self-adjustable.

Expensive and high-end hearing aids are not always the best choice for everyone, especially for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Instead, to enable early and affordable hearing management for everyone, Olive Union offers inexpensive yet quality hearing aids without the need for a prescription.



Introducing the Olive Air, the upcoming release from Olive Union.

Olive Union Product Timeline

Following the overwhelming support of Olive Smart Ear, Olive Smart Ear Plus, and Olive Max, Olive Union is proud to announce the launch of yet another groundbreaking hearing aid this August.

Olive Air is not just an ordinary hearing aid.

It is an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid equipped with active noise cancellation technology. Whether you're listening to music or having a conversation, now you can do it all with just one device.

Olive Air comes to you at the most reasonable price possible.

Register for our Wait list now to receive an additional discount in just 5 seconds. Exclusive launch updates and additional discounts will be provided only to those who register now.

Adjusting Olive Air is easy and convenient.

Use the "My Olive" application, which you may have already connected with previous Olive Union products, to customize your sound settings according to your preferences.

Setting up Olive Air is a breeze with AI technology.

No more tedious manual adjustments. Our proprietary technology will select the most suitable preset for you based on your hearing profile, and of course, you can adjust the preset as needed.

No more separate hearing aids or earbuds. Olive Air covers it all.
Join the waitlist now and be among the first to experience Olive Air!
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