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Best Affordable Bluetooth Hearing aids in 2024 : For Apple and Android

Best Affordable Bluetooth Hearing aids in 2024 : For Apple and Android


If you are currently looking into hearing aids, you will likely find that a significant number of them come equipped with Bluetooth functionality. However, you may not be sure if Bluetooth hearing aids are truly necessary for you. Therefore, this article will provide you with everything you wanted to know about Bluetooth hearing aids.

It covers the operating principles, advantages and disadvantages, who Bluetooth hearing aids are suitable for, how to connect Bluetooth hearing aids, and even the best affordable Bluetooth hearing aids.


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1. What is Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

What is Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange data over short distances without the need for cables.
Once paired, devices can communicate with each other to share data, audio, and other information.

Traditional hearing aids did not originally come with Bluetooth functionality. Therefore, they couldn't connect to other devices like AirPods to listen to music or make calls directly from those devices. Additionally, they couldn't connect to smartphones, so users couldn't take advantage of the application services offered by modern hearing aids. Consequently, there were many inconveniences, such as having to adjust settings only at the place where the hearing aids were purchased.

However, Bluetooth hearing aids can be thought of as a combination of wireless Bluetooth earbuds and hearing aids. They are typically connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing users to use them as hearing aids and also as Bluetooth earbuds (such as AirPods).

In fact, excluding very low-cost hearing aids (those under $100) or tiny in-the-ear-canal hearing aids designed to fit completely inside the ear, many hearing aids are already hearing aids with Bluetooth.


2. Pros of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Pros of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  • 2 Functions in 1 Device:

    Bluetooth hearing aids offer two functions in a single device.

  • Hands-Free Calling:

    When a call comes in, you can directly hear the ringtone through the Bluetooth hearing aids. If the Bluetooth hearing aids have a microphone, you can also engage in hands-free phone conversations.

  • Wireless Music/Video Streaming

  • Precise Adjustment via Smartphone Applications :

    You don't need to go Hearing aid store to adjust settings. You can change the settings by yourselves.

  • Control via External Devices such as Remote Controls, in addition to smartphones

  • Integration with Smart Devices:

    Instant connectivity with TVs, tablets, and other smart devices


3. Cons of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Cons of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  • High Cost :

    Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids tend to be more expensive than non-Bluetooth models due to the added technology and features.

  • Complexity:

    Bluetooth connectivity adds complexity to the hearing aid setup and maintenance process.

  • Battery Life:

    Bluetooth connectivity can drain the battery of hearing aids faster than traditional devices, requiring more frequent battery changes or recharging.

  • Compatibility Issues:

    Bluetooth connectivity may not be compatible with all devices or may require specific software versions.



4. Who should Consider Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Who should Consider Using bluetooth hearing aids?

Someone Who... 
  • Owns smartphones or Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Is capable of installing applications on their smartphones or Bluetooth-enabled devices and can establish Bluetooth connections.

  • Frequently streams music or watches videos on electronic devices.

  • Desires immediate access to phone calls while wearing hearing aids or frequently engages in phone conversations.

  • Wants to save money


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5. Best Affordable Bluetooth Hearing Aids : OTC Hearing aids

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Introducing Olive Max - The Best Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Why Olive Max?...

  • Affordable Price:

    Typically, one of the drawbacks of Bluetooth hearing aids is their higher cost compared to regular hearing aids. However, Olive Max is an FDA-regulated, full-fledged Bluetooth 5.2-supported hearing aid, yet it costs only $199 for both sides. The price of conventional Bluetooth hearing aids usually starts from a minimum of $1,000.


  • Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity:

    Olive Max supports the highly advanced Bluetooth 5.2 version. Usually, lower-priced Bluetooth hearing aids (still around $300) support lower-spec Bluetooth, resulting in frequent pairing disruptions and subpar sound quality.


  • Free Integration Application:

    Olive Max offers a free application called 'My Olive.' Once Olive Max is connected to other devices via Bluetooth, you can use the My Olive app to fine-tune detailed settings such as volume, echo cancellation, and situation modes. Additionally, the My Olive app provides supplementary features like games and natural sounds.


  • Battery Life:

    Olive Max can be charged using a USB Type-C charger, similar to charging a smartphone. This means you can charge it anywhere as long as you have a smartphone charger, even when you are out for an extended period.

These features make Olive Max an exceptional choice in terms of price, functionality, and convenience.

Therefore, if you're looking for the best Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, don't hesitate and purchase Olive Max right away.
Receive your hearing aid with just a few clicks and try it out immediately.

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