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Hearing aid dryer : Does it really worth it?

Sep 25, 2023 Olive UnionCooperation
Hearing aid dryer : Does it really worth it?



Are you still hesitating to use your hearing aids because of wet earwax?

Are you still relying on natural air drying for extended periods or holding a hairdryer up to your hearing aids?

If so, the suitable hearing aid accessory for you is the 'hearing aid dryer.'

This article will answer all your questions about hearing aid dryers, such as what they are, who should use them, the average prices, and a list of the best hearing aid dryers.

So, if you're curious about these aspects, read this article to the end.




What is the hearing aid dryer?


A hearing aid dryer, also known as a hearing aid dehumidifier or hearing aid dryer kit, is a device designed to remove moisture and humidity from hearing aids.

Moisture can accumulate inside hearing aids due to factors like sweat, humidity, and environmental conditions.

Excess moisture can potentially damage the delicate components of the hearing aid, affect its performance, and lead to malfunctions.


Some individuals may occasionally attempt to use a hairdryer to remove moisture from their hearing aids, but this is a highly risky behavior.

Hearing aids are delicate devices containing sensitive electronic circuits, and subjecting them to excessive heat from a hairdryer can potentially cause irreparable damage.

Therefore, it is advisable to properly dry the moisture from hearing aids by allowing them to air dry for an extended period or by using a hearing aid dryer.

Using a hearing aid dryer correctly not only extends the lifespan of the hearing aids but also significantly improves their performance when users wear them.

A hearing aid dryer typically consists of a container or case with a built-in drying mechanism, such as a desiccant or a small heating element.
It can resemble something like a contact lens case and may also appear as a compact version of an icebox.






 Why should we use it?


If you've experienced frequent discomfort due to moist earwax, it's important to consider the following reasons why you should use it.

  • Moisture Removal:
When you place your hearing aids inside the dryer, it uses its drying method to remove moisture from the devices.


  • Preventing Damage:
By keeping your hearing aids dry, the dryer helps prevent damage to sensitive electronic components, like microphones and speakers, and prolongs the lifespan of the device.


  • Hygiene:

It also helps maintain hygiene by reducing the risk of bacterial or fungal growth inside the hearing aids, which can occur in moist conditions.



Hearing aid dryers are particularly useful for individuals who live in humid climates, engage in activities that cause them to sweat, or those who want to ensure the longevity of their hearing aids.

They come in various sizes and designs, including portable and travel-friendly options, making them a practical accessory for hearing aid users to have.




Do hearing aid dryers really work?


Yes. It works really well.

Especially when time is tight for natural air drying, a hearing aid dryer is incredibly useful.


The time it takes for hearing aids to completely dry depends on how much moisture they contain.

Generally, when there's not much moisture, it takes about 1 to 2 hours to dry completely under natural air drying situation.

And when there's much moisture, it can take as little as 4 to 5 hours or even up to a full day to dry completely under natural air drying situation.

However, with a hearing aid dryer, not much moisture can be dried in as little as 30 minutes to an hour, and high moisture typically takes around 2 to 4 hours to be completely dry.

For those living in humid areas or individuals who frequently come into contact with water, such as swimming, a hearing aid dryer can be extremely beneficial.




What type of person should use Hearing aid dryer? 



  • Those frequently experiencing hearing aid malfunctions due to wet earwax

  • Those engaging in activities involving frequent exposure to water

  • Residents of areas with heavy rainfall or snowfall

  • Those living near the sea or working in maritime environments.

  • Those Seeking Optimal Performance






How much is it?


Hearing aid dryers come in a variety of price ranges depending on the brand and functionality.

Models with basic drying features can be purchased online starting from $30,

while high-functionality dryers equipped with UV-C sterilization can cost $50 or more online.


When using a dryer with only basic drying functions, it may not eliminate mold that can develop from moisture.
Therefore, if you plan to purchase a hearing aid dryer, it is recommended to invest a bit more in a sterilizing dryer to ensure thorough sterilization.





What are the best hearing aid dryers?


The best hearing aid dryer can be listed differently based on various criteria, but this article aims to rely on the choices of the general public. The following list comprises the top three best-selling hearing aid dryers on Amazon.



Brand : Audinell
Product Name : PerfectDry LUX
Price : $59
UV-C sterilization : Y


Brand : Serene Innovations
Product Name : Hearing Aid Dryer Dehumidifier
Price : $59.95
UV-C sterilization : Y


Brand : Dry & Store
Product Name : DryCaddy UV by Dry & Store | with Industry-Leading Desiccant to Keep Hearing Aids or Small Electronics Clean and Last Longer
Price : $34.99
UV-C sterilization : Y