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Olive Smart Ear

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Easy to Use, High Quality, Affordable.

  • Price and Quality
    Affordable price with unrivaled sound quality, realized with the use of a smartphone app.
  • Simple to Personalize
    Just a few taps your phone for personalized sound settings in 5 minutes! Easy to do, even for first time smartphone users. Re-adjust any time.
  • Comfortable and Cool
    Bluetooth wireless, rechargeable, multiple size ear tips and a replaceable ear band for a comfortable fit.

※ This product is not intended for use as a medical device.
※ Includes one Olive earbud, not a pair.

Simple to Personalize and Use

Simple to Personalize and Use

Just tap your phone for personalized sound settings in just 5 minutes! Easy to use, even for first time smartphone users. Readjust any time.

Better TV Listening

Better Conversation, Better TV Listening

Engage in conversations better in noisy environments and avoid turning up TV volume too loud.

Better Conversation

Price and Quality

Affordable price with unrivaled sound quality. Realized with the use of the smartphone app.

Multi Purpose Base

Comfortable and Cool

Bluetooth Wireless. Multiple size silicone and foam eartips and a replaceable ear band for comfortable fit. 

Is the Olive Smart Ear for Me?

Olive Smart Ear is designed to provide a new hearing experience with personalized sound settings.

Olive Smart Ear is not a hearing aid, and not intended for use as a medical device.
The maximum sound amplification of Olive Smart Ear is 50 dB.

There is a 30 day free return policy with this product. Please reach out to customer support with any questions, or check https://us.oliveunion.com/pages/return-policy for details on our policy.

The warranty period is one year from the purchase date, and will cover any manufacturer defect with a product replacement at no cost.

The Olive Smart Ear is a personal sound amplifying product (PSAP), not a hearing aid or medical device. It is intended for better hearing in noisy environments, or situations where you may want to enjoy enhanced sounds, such as watching TV with other people.

No, with the Olive Smart Ear, you can adjust and personalize sounds easily without professional support. Set up takes just 5 minutes and is customizable at any time.

Yes, the Olive Smart Ear can be used as a pair device. Please see the manual for pair use here:https://olive.store/kr/doc/pair-use.pdf and follow instructions accordingly.

Yes, the Olive Smart Ear is rechargeable. A USB cable and AC adapter for charging is included with the product.

Yes, when your Olive Smart Ear is paired with your smartphone, you can receive, reject, or hang up calls by simply tapping the Olive touchpad.

Yes, when your Olive Smart Ear is paired with your smartphone, you can listen to music from the earbud just like any other bluetooth hearing device.

Please contact Olive Union Customer Support at +1 702-848-4837 or support_us@oliveunion.com, and we will be glad to help you with any inquiry!

The Olive Smart Ear is compatible with any smartphone with iOS 11 or later and Android 4.4.3 or later.

Yes, you can use it without smartphone after the initial set up is complete. However, the smartphone app provides many features such as sound modes, customizable EQ and answering phone calls. So, it is recommended that you use it with a smartphone if you use one for daily use.

We recommend wearing it only when necessary; prolonged use can give your ears fatigue or pain.


16 channels / 16 bands Feedback Cancellation Active
noise reduction Personal hearing settings Equalizer

Power & Battery

Olive: 7 hours
Charging dock: 14 hours


Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy


Olive App & Firmware
Android & iOS smartphone






FRR 200Hz〜6,704Hz
Maximum sound pressure level 122.8dB+3dB
Average sound pressure level 116.5dB±3dB
Maximum sound level
Average sound level

Power & Battery

Lithium ion batteries


Enhanced data rate(EDR)






※The specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

All Olive Union products are manufactured in an ISO13485 certified and GMP( Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory for manufacturing medical devices. Every assembly process is done in dust-free cleanrooms for optimum product quality.

Manufacturing certificate status:

ISO9001 Quality control system,
ISO14001 Environment managment system,
ISO13485 Medical device quality control system.

Quality Control