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CES Tech

Feb 6, 2020

Olive SmartEar X: Next-Gen Hearing Solution For Everyone.

The concept and technology of conventional hearing aids remain same, Olive SmartEar X provides superior sound clarity with the advanced hearing test, and personalized hearing setting allows filters out disturbing background noise, don’t miss hearing anything important.

Self-Adaptive sound systems transcend time and space. Unlike conventional hearing aids, Olive SmartEar X provides user-customized sounds in real-time, suggests hearing management guides based on changes in hearing, and ultimately builds a database based on a collection of user audiometry data.

Hear conversations in noisy environments (especially restaurants), capture high-frequency sounds, avoid turning up the volume on the TV, improve quality of life among family, friends and work colleagues. The first step to compensate for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Our noise-canceling system is made with world-class technology, there is nothing but you and the music, enjoy your vivid sound. 

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity via free downloadable Smart Phone App, customize sound settings via a one-time simple 5-minute set-up process, tap sensor in the center of earbud to adjust sound up and down or turn on and off when wearing in both ears.

24 hour Battery life, Olive SmartEar X plays for 8 hours on a single charge with the charging case, holds multiple charges for more than 24 hours, which completely covers your day. 

Comfortable and secure fit. Greater in-ear stability with silicone and foam ear tips, Band and waterproof. 

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